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"Harder than Ironman, Fairer than Ironman."

Andrew Fisher, First Isoman Champion. Click to read review

"Martyn Brunt of 220 takes on the Isoman..."

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Isoman UK 2020 CANCELLED


Main Events:

The Isoman 77

5.6 km Swim, 50 km Bike, 21.1 km Run

The Isoman Sprint

2.8 km Swim, 25 km Bike, 10.5 km Run

Early Bird Entry Before 1/1/2020



Unfortunately we have had to take the decison to cancel the 2020 race. There is too much uncertainity as to whether it will be safe to hold the race early July. A full refund will be issued to competitors who have already entered.
If we left it any longer to make a decision then we would have to commit to further costs and would therefore be unable to refund. As it is, we will loose out on various administration charges. But the right thing to do is to refund in full I think so we will do this before we loose too much more. Hope you are all safe and well and hopefully we will return next year.

The Isoman Triathlon

Game Changer Zone 3

12th July 2020 - Arrow Valley Park, UK (B98 0LJ)

The Equaliser!

The best kept secret of triathlon is that it doesn't test you to the limit in all 3 disciplines....until now

In Isoman there is no where to hide.

Swim 5.6 km, Bike 50km, Run 21.1km

Harder than Ironman...Possibly?
Fairer than Ironman..Definitely!

Voted game changer of the year 2016 by 220 Magazine readers.

Most triathlon events are biased mainly towards the cycling and to a slightly lesser extent towards the running. Iron distance pros for example will spend only 10% of the total time swimming, 54% of the time cycling and 36% of the time running. The aim of Isoman is to address this imbalance and create a triathlon for which all disciplines demand an equal level of excellence.
Pie Chart Pie Chart

The history of the first iron distance triathlon suggests that it was created out of a desire to see who was the fittest across the disciplines of swimming, cycling and running. They did this by bolting together 3 individual long distance events that existed on a particular island in the Pacific Ocean. They produced an amazing endurance event but never achieved their original goal!

To excel at Iron distance triathlon you must be an excellent cyclist/runner.

To excel in Isoman you need to be an excellent triathlete!

On the weekend of 11th/12th July June 2020 in the heart of Worcestershire UK, centred at Arrow Valley Countryside Centre, we are running only the fifth UK Isoman triathlon event. As this is our come back year after a year out our blue ribbon event will be the Isoman 77 previously branded the half.

Be a part of the next chapter in the evolution of triathlon.

Isoman: Triathlon Equalized.

Want to know where the numbers come from?

Medal, Goody bag, T-Shirt and Party! And the chance to be part of this spectacular day of endurance!

All abilities welcome?

One of our guiding principles with setting up Isoman was to make it inclusive, not only to elites, but to beginners alike and create a single day of endurance where individuals from the swimming, cycling, running and triathlon community can all come together and enjoy the sports we love.

Single Discipline Events/Relays

These will take place throughout the day roughly in line with the triathlons, giving you the opportunity to compete in 1 or more of the disciplines - the choice is yours.

And because of the unique nature of our event, you will be able to compete with people doing a different discipline. So if your friend's a runner and you're a swimmer. Lay down the gauntlet and challenge him to fair duel!

If you have two friend's with different abilities then team up and do a relay! For the first time in triathlon, all legs of the relay will have an equal bearing on the result!

At the end of these single sport events we will put you all back together in a list and award a prize to the athlete who has the best time on any single event

See Full List of Events Here

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We're proud to have partnered with Zone3 once again this season to offer their fantastic wetsuit hire service. Check out wetsuit hire and full range of wetsuits available to purchase outright here.


Course for 2020 will be confirmed soon....Previous courses can be seen below:

Swim:The course involves 2, 4 or 8 laps of the Arrow Valley Lake with a nutrition jetty accessible on every lap.

Chip timing will also be available with an in water timing gate providing valuable split time intervals!

Bike:Each of the 3 courses is single lap (with some overlap in the course) with a nutrition and water station available on the full. This is a fast and beautiful course that takes into account the rolling hills of Worcestershire.

Chip timing will be available!

Run:The course involves 1, 2 or 4 laps of mostly flat, traffic free Arrow Valley Park with nutrition and water stations accessible on every lap.

Chip timing will be available with valuable split time intervals for each lap!

Pricing Strategy

Early bird discount available for all entries prior to 1/1/2020
Full Price for Isoman 77 will be £210. Until 1/1/2020 £120 - so don't delay!
Other events have similar proportional discount.

Similar pricing strategy will be adopted for other events.

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